Little Old Wine Drinkers Winery | We are now a Harvest Hosts Property!

We are just off of Route 66 in Kingman Arizona, and offer all kinds of fun. Click here to sign up or log in to your harvest hosts account and reserve some time at the Winery! 


Image: 2021-12/cab-franc.jpg

Cabernet Franc

Cabernet Franc is a lighter, bright red wine that contributes a delicious taste and lends a peppery perfume. Other aromas can include tobacco, raspberry, bell pepper, and violets. 

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Image: 2021-12/estate-tempranillo.jpg

LOWDW Estate Tempranillo

Grown, vinted, and bottled at Little Old Wine Drinkers Winery, this is an Arizona wine!

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Image: 2021-12/heritage-blend-close.jpg

Heritage Chillable Red Blend

An Arizona Estate wine, this variety of grapes is blended for an enjoyable taste with notes of cranberry and pomegranate. A delicious, chillable red wine. 

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