The Earth

The earth had to be prepared for the planned vineyard.  The southwest desert is covered with low growing brush that needed to be removed. A brush hog was used for this process and a motor grader leveled the land. It was then tilled and 6 fields were designated for the vines.

Next the irrigation system was laid out to the 6 fields.  This involved trenching 1500 feet of ground and laying out 5000 feet of pipe.

The trellis system was then installed in 3 of the fields that were to be planted in 2018. A labor intensive project, the set up of the trellis poles could not have been completed without the help of a couple friends from Las Vegas, and equipment donated by a neighbor.

Once the poles were set in place, the rest of the irrigation system was set up.  It included wire, tubing and drip system for each plant.

Written by Administrator on Wednesday December 14, 2022.

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